Friday, October 22, 2010

Earnest and young

For someone who picked up the very first copy of The Hindu Young World, its 20th birthday is a matter of great pride and nostalgia. My family subscribed to two dailies but the big black letters failed to impress Neil and me as 6 year olds. It was then that The Hindu announced the launch of the Young World. I still remember the excitement of being initiated into the world of newspapers through this special newspaper designed for children.

The first issue came out on a Saturday. It was a delight to see the quarto size paper with colourful pages with articles suitable for children. The Crayon Corner, Heathcliff and Batman comic strips, the creepy stories in the Strange but True column,the quizzes, crosswords and puzzles were sufficient to keep us glued to it for the whole weekend. The articles were of supreme quality and dealt with reviews on children’s classics, writers, current issues and hobbies. I remember the first logo had a boy on it which Neil and I saw as a matter of debate. After a few months its creators thought it fair to include a girl in it too. My parents who understood the value of the newspaper took pains to retain the copies and bind them into a large book at the end of every year. Those archives have been great research materials while doing school assignments. V.V Ramanan’s quizzes deserve a special mention as they have, till date, been able to keep the spark of the quest for knowledge alive. The Young World quiz still remains the hot favourite among young quizzers.

Twenty is a significant milestone to cross and the newspaper has evolved adapting to the changing times and reader requirements. There have been other pullouts like The Quest and Signpost which catered to young readers but did not gain Young World’s popularity despite being of high standards. Congratulations to the editorial team (old and new) behind this children’s newspaper. May you continue to inspire thousands of young readers in the years to come.


Abhilash Pillai said...

Indeed a good post because it made me remember the childhood. Was nice reading and remembering the gone days.

Deepti said...

nice post as always :) straight from the heart!!!

Neil Padayatty said...

They were walking into a door that opened like a newspaper page, into a starry sky.

Neena Padayatty said...

Thank you :)
Glad to see you,always!:)
Beautiful and meaningful observation.Why didn't that strike me?

mathew said...

exactly..i remember those days when i used to eagerly wait for young world...although nowadays i dont even bother to open that page...I really like the Quest page too..